Keeping track of your receipt is pretty hard. You need to update the shop names, receipt date and a total of every bill. Why do you not use the digital advantage to your advantage?

Thus there was no application which could parse receipts and manage receipts and is trusted, so I decided to create my own application, which is written in dart using the flutter framework. I use flutter because it massively decreases the code development time, it is simple to use and cross-platform.

Design choices

There was a lot of design choices, but I decided to create a client-server architecture since…

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The TensorFlow installation could be very hard especially if you choose the wrong cuda version, forgot to install the shared libraries or use an incompatible graphic driver. This article covers a install guide for Debian based distributions like Ubuntu or Linux Mint.

Install cuda

Cuda is required for TensorFlow with GPU support. The installation could be challenging since each TensorFlow version works only with specific cudaversions.

Implementing scanned receipts OCR and information extraction is of great benefit to services and applications such as efficient archiving, compliance check and fast indexing. To tackle this issue, Matthias Endler introduced a fuzzy receipt-parser. However, this approach has strong limitations because it is a rule-based approach e. g.

  • work only a specific type of documents
  • new documents need new rules
  • therefore hard to maintain

If you think about a new market, for example, it is required to add this new market into a fuzzy-parser list and hopes that the tesseract output is good enough to be detected by the fuzzy…

William Todt

Currently a computer science student at KIT. Happy to meet new people and learn new skills and I love science

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